Archive Extract Guide

General help Guide on how to extract RAR files.


Always save a backup of all archive files you download for all programs in your order!!

So, after installing and activating your software do NOT delete the archive files!!


1.  What are RAR files?

RAR archives are a well known format to archive a lot of files into one or just a couple of

compacted archives. This way you only need to download just one or a few files instead of

many hundreds or even thousands of installation files of any program.


2.  How is the software delivered as a download?

For Windows pc’s:

Most software is archived in RAR as self-extracting archive files with the .EXE file extension!

Small programs consisting of just one self-extracting archive file will have file names with only the .EXE file extenstion.

Large programs will contain a set of split archive files of which ONLY the first one is an .EXE file and the rest of the set of archive files have the .RAR file extension.

For example:  filename.part1.exe



NOTE: Training Video archives are all in normal RAR format instead of self-extracting RAR format because these need to be able to be extracted on a MAC computer also.

For MAC computers:

To extract RAR files on a Mac computer you can download one of these two apps from their websites:

"The Unarchiver" app from

"Keka" app from

Preferably use The Unarchive app which also has a good how-to guide here:


3.  Create folders for each program in your order before you download!

Before you download any archive files of all the software you ordered you need to create folders 

for each program. Do NOT download and save all archive files into the same folder!

Then download the archive file of any program into it’s respective folder.

If a program consists of only one archive file then download that file into it’s own folder.

If a large program consists of a set of split archive files then copy the entire set of that program

together into it’s own folder.

So, if you ordered 10 programs, then you need to create 10 separate folders, one folder for each

program.  Some folders will contain just one archive file, other folders can constain a set of split

archive files as explained above.


4.  How to download the archive files?

Just click the download links near the bottom of your order email to download the archive files.


5.  How to extract the archive files ?

For Windows pc’s:

Open any program folder you created as in step 3 and check if:

A:   the folder contains just one self-extracting (EXE) archive file, or

B:   if it contains a set of split archive files (one EXE and one or more RAR files)

With option A, just doubleclick that exe file and it will extract itself into the same folder.

With option B, only doubleclick and run the first (part1) file, which is the EXE file and that EXE 

file will extract the complete set of archive files automatically!

For MAC computers:

Just run the Unrarx app that you downloaded in step 2 and extract RAR files.

For programs that consist of a split set of RAR archive files you only need to extract the first (part1)

archive file and UnrarX will extract the complete set automatically.


6.  How to install your software?

After extracting the archive file(s) of any program you need to look for the how-to-install.txt file.

This how-to-install.txt file contains detailed instructions on how to install and also how to activate

your software.

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