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Is ordering online from SoftwaresalesX safe?

Our checkout page is 256-bit SSL encrypted according to the the industry standard for online secure ordering.
Without this mandatory requirement we would not be allowed by any Payment gateway to process cedit card payments through our website.

IMPORTANT: As a website visitor you can confirm any SSL connection by looking at the url bar in your web browser:
Any SSL encrypted url should start with: "https://...."
Some web browsers also add an icon or other symbol, but that is NOT important and can be confusing, so always check for: "https://...."

When will I receive the purchased software?

All software purchased from our website can be delivered as a digital download or shipped on physicial media DVD discs.
You will receive an email that will contain your personal download links and/or date of shipping.


  • You will first receive an initial order confirmation email containing detailed information regarding your order.
  • It can take up to 12 hours to receive the second order email with your download links and/or date of shipping confirmation. The reason is that we are required to check each order manually and because of the time difference. Usually you will receive your download links and/or shipping confiramtion within just a few hours.
In which currency are the prices displayed on your website?

All prices on our website are in US Dollars.

If you need to convert USD to your local currency then you can use this website:

Are there any additional charges for the software?

No, the total order amount at the time of purchase is exactly the price you will be billed by our payment gateway.

IMPORTANT: Some debit/credit card issuers and banks will bill their customers a small extra commission for international purchases. These small amounts can range from for example 50 cents to a few dollars. These cost's are NOT related to our charge but are billed by the debit/credit card issuers and banks of the customer billing them for exchange rate commissions and/or other services related to international purchases.

How does your shopping cart work?

The cart box to the left of the software list pages will display the total size of the programs in the cart in real-time.

1. -  As long as the total size in the cart does not exceed 700Mb the flat rate price will display $20.

2. - If the total size of the programs in the cart is between 700Mb and 1400Mb the flat rate price is $40.

3. - Up to a total size of 4400Mb of programs in the cart the flat rate price will be $50 for a full DVD of software.

4. - If ordering more then one DVD full of software then you will receive an extra discount on the second and following DVD's according to this table:
     - Second DVD is:          $40
     - Third DVD is:              $30
     - Fourth DVD and up is: $25

Do you provide technical support?

We do provide support to download, install and activate your software. However we do not provide functional support on how to use the software. It is the responsibility of the customer to learn to use the software. If you wish we can help you find good online tutorials and training.

How do I know this is not a rip-off?

This is a very valid and logical question. However we have been in business longer than most of our competitors for a reason. Our customers have come to trust us in that period of time and keep coming back to order. It would be impossible to have earned this reputation if we did not provide such an excellent after sales support. We are committed to providing excellent service and support to our customers each and every day.

Is the software also available in other languages besides English?

All software is only available in the English language.

I just placed an order but have not received any email?

You will receive an initial order confirmation email immediately after placing an order.
Please check the spam folder of your email account if you did not receive the initial order confirmation email.
If the order confrmation email is also not in the spam folder then please send an email to our support department using our contact form on our website.

I received the order confirmation email but not the second email with my download links.

Please check if the second order email with your download links has ended up in the spam folder of your email account.
If you do not receive your second order email with download links within 12 hours from placing your order, then please send an email to our support department as soon as possible using our contact form on our website.

What kind of archive format are the download files of all software?

Click Here to see our RAR file extraction guide.

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